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Enterprise-grade server monitoring without the bloat.

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Perhaps you visited a site today that depends on Scout for monitoring.
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By and for developers.

Flexible charts and alerting, deploy in five minute or less, 60+ monitoring plugins, and no ugly configuration syntax to memorize (do it all via our web UI).

You don't have to be a sysadmin to use Scout, but you'll appreciate its elegance and power if you are.


Alerting and Realtime Charts.

Did a process fail in the middle of the night? CPU load suddenly spike to a dangerous level? Server die? Don't worry — Scout will alert you.

Our charts are remarkably flexible - compare metrics across servers, stack metrics, and save for later use.

Did we mention you can watch your charts update in realtime?


Built for large setups

Need to change an alerting threshold across your database servers? One click. Adding a plugin to your application servers? One click.

Scout keeps monitoring in-sync across your growing server footprint.

80+ monitoring plugins.

We likely have your infrastructure covered. If not, easily modify our existing plugins or write your own.

Using Nagios?

Scout will feel like puppies and rainbows.

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Help2Support you’ll appreciate.

The same developers that built Scout four years ago continue to answer your support questions with care today.

ShuffleGeek out with Scout.

Deploy to 1 or 500 servers via our Chef cookbook or Puppet module, webhooks, Pagerduty integration, API, and more.

Emoticon smileThousands of happy devs.

Modern dev teams at companies like Airbnb, 10gen, Zynga, and the New York Times choose Scout.

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